O’Neill assures his people of more services, developments

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IALIBU-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill visited his electorate and spent time with his people to see how the district was doing, help projects and see the work that needs to be done.
The former prime minister invested K500,000 for construction of the Tike Bridge, an initiative of the locals.
He told a recent gathering in his electorate that another K500,000 for classrooms and basic infrastructures for Apenda Junior High School was approved by the Southern Highlands education board.
O’Neill also visited the Yalo River accompanied by Works Department secretary David Wereh.
Construction work on the Yalo Bridge would begin soon and it would connect Tindua and Kuare in Pangia.
“We are working and I will ensure that our district keeps receiving the services and developments,” O’Neill said.


  • You are only important to your remote Yalibu Pangia people..corrupt croocks. This country could have been better had it not for an Idiot Like PO.

  • People like Rex Tati is too blind and cant see what PO has done for the country. Right now the country needs PO and people are crying for his return and I can assure Mr Tati that whether you like it or not PO is coming back to occupy the chair. I hope other MPs have done the same like what PO has done for his people. He is the king of infrastructure in this country country and Ialibu Pangia people will send him back without any challenge at all why because he is the man of action. PO has shawn light in Ialibu Pangia and brought massive developments to the electorate. Talking about banking services, sealed roads, electricity, telecommunications services and list goes on they are right there on their doorsteps. I hope people like Rex Tati have visited that well changed electorate as he stated as remote. Your eyes cant believe what the King and father of modern PNG has done for his people of Ialibu Pangia.

  • Those of you going against PO. You come with your millions to contest against PO but you will not get any vote. So keep your mouth shout and you go and feed your family and keep quiet. You won’t do anything, You won’t do any better like PO is doing in his district and around Png.

  • I think Rex Tati is like an hold woman who totally blind and above 75 years and so did not see what’s happening in PNG. PO is very unique and powerful leader in the history of our country PNG for doing great thing which your grand son and daughter’s will remember mr Rex Tati if you to get clear explanation.

  • Rex Tati looks like you were born together with animals, not from human.You will die like an animal.Have some respect for him.not only him but every PM.You are very good and smart in talking but just nothing.Everyone can make mistake and learn from mistake.Nobody is perfect in all entire life.

  • PO will come back 2022 , He is viewed by many as a corrupt person, he maybe corrupt but He has done tremendously great things like what YOMO LONGI mentioned king of infrastructure he is indeed , Port Moresby and other urban and centers changed because of him His development plans and medium, long term goals and so forth are in order His an Accountant and he lines up his plans and objectives well and meet them so i would so He is smart and handling the countries affairs but he needs Honest, intelligent and very accountable top advisors to guide and influence Him to through so he can perhaps be a better person in his decision Making and maybe convert PNG another DUBAI in the next 30 years on.. just a comment

  • If EX PM Peter O’Neil is, what you think he is, how did it happened that he dropped down, his dropping is a journey
    called rise to fall ,the track now he is in ,will never ever rise up, will end up in place called square one, that applies to Dick, Tom & Harry, in this appointed time & season, he may be one. If this nation is dedicated God, if the Lord answered the prayer of the ruminants today, the answer is Daniel 2.44. The Lord Bless PNG.

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