O’Neill ‘available’ for questioning

The National,Thursday June 9th, 2016

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says he has always made himself available for interviews by police – but will not step down from office.
O’Neill told Parliament: “I will make myself available for any interview, any statement for my staff or myself on our conduct in relation to any allegations that are before us.”
He was replying to Rabaul MP Dr Allan who asked him to step down and allow himself to be interviewed by police, saying that was what the students were asking for.
O’Neill said everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. He also told Parliament that the public should know that the Government had never engaged Paul Paraka Lawyers nor engaged the law firm on contract.
“Two basic facts for the interest of the public: Paul Paraka Lawyers was never engaged by this Government, not even one case (or) one contract by this Government
“He (Paraka) has been paid millions of kina for many years before this government came into power. Nobody has ever established that there was a fraud,” he said.