O’Neill blasts Govt handling of partnership


FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has criticised the Government for the way it is handling the multi-billion electrification partnership project to be funded by Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the United States.
O’Neill said it was an important outcome of the Apec Leaders’ Summit held in Port Moresby in November 2018 in which the four nations agreed to provide US$1.2 billion (K4.13bil) to provide electricity to 70 per cent of the population by 2030.
“The PNG Electrification Partnership was driven entirely by our government and was signed at Apec, but has stalled over the past year as this government has done nothing to expand electrification in the country,” O’Neill said.
“Our Apec partners who signed the US$1.2 billion programme had made a clear and honest commitment to deliver this electrification programme.
“They have been doing what they can to get their initiatives moving, but have been let down by this government.
“That is why the four partners, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and US, forced the government to meet with them to try to advance plans to get things moving.”
O’Neill said it had become clear that the Government “has tried to pull a fast deal on the project partners with the Prime Minister telling them he did not support the development of off-grid power generation and distribution”.
“To change the project away from off-grid power will mean that remote and rural communities, who are not located near existing power grids, will miss out on receiving electricity,” O’Neill said.


  • it is better to put up solar panels to lighten of the dark villages at POs electorate with his partners, and why is he keeping very silent on the Maserati’s in Port Moresby, can’t he sell them to his partners also.

  • O’Neill you idiot. Just shut your smelly mouth and stay quiet. You had your chance. Now it’s up to others. Before you cry and jump around like a little dwarf you should remember how much money was wasted and got lost under your regime in the USB loan saga, Gen Sets saga and Hotcakes saga. You are the worst of all corrupt politicians we have in PNG and you dare to cry out loud about foul play?

    • Totally agree with you, Independent Observer. That’s hitting the nail right on the head.

  • Government is not thinking of us those who are living in the villages. we want power in our rural villages, give us power lights. Our permanent houses in the villages need lights or gives us solar panels sets. If we don’t receive power in our villages, Pangu party and their leader in 22 election will not come back in Parliament and in power again. We are watching. Within this next 2 years power must reach our villages. That money is bekong to the people and its not Png government’s money. Money funded by overseas to the people of Png.

  • I am not from Oneils electorate but I have seen with my own eyes what Oneil has done to his electorates of Ialibu Pangia. In terms of development no one member of Parliament can match Oneil. Bank, television, electricity running village to village followed by sealed roads , new bridges and many many more. I wish my member do the same in my electorate. By the look of life changing devwlopments people from Ialibu Pangia will still send him back to parliament coz he has changed the lifes of people of that part of country and I have seen it and withnessed that he is the true king of infrustructure in this country. I wish I was from that part of electorate bcoz all the services needed are all there. I was privileged to visit that part of country and I really admire what Oneil has done for his people.

  • Its about time former PM PO sit in the Opposition Bench for constructive debate/discussions on the current issue at hand, which is Coronavirus, rather then play little kids’ blame game politics trying to undermine PMJM’s capability. The power project is not just a “plug & play” type project. This is a massive project that requires a lot of planning and preparations prior to execution and you will only understand if you’ve had experience on projects of such magnitude. PMJM and team have been in power for just a year when the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world. Why not give them a couple more years and see what happens. If this project does not get off the ground then criticism of such is acceptable but for now our former PM PO and current PM JM should put heads together as leaders of this nation and have meaningful discussions on how PNG could control it’s International Boarders, especially the PNG/Irian Jaya boarder where our biggest treat to Coronavirus exists today.

  • GS1 and Independent Observer are totally out of their mindset! People with your mindset will never progress in life.

    The article is bold and clear! Read and understand it because you are still in the dark!

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