O’Neill confirms PNC’s endorsement of Ame for by-election


THE People’s National Congress (PNC) party says Henry Ame will be its candidate in the Goroka by-election.
“The party is proud to have Henry Ame as our candidate in the upcoming Goroka by-election so he can restore services and continue to drive vital PNC infrastructure projects forward,” party leader and Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill said in a statement.
“Ame is a businessman with great experience who also knows what is needed to get agriculture and SMEs (small-medium enterprises) moving again in the Eastern Highlands.
“Goroka is the gateway to the Highlands and we will keep delivering at the local level in Eastern Highlands,” said O’Neill.
“There has been too much talk with no action on agriculture by this government, and this is at a time when sectors such as coffee production is suffering. We have to maintain quality production, and very importantly, be able to get our coffee to market and this needs the Highlands Highway to be properly restored and together we will make this happen.”
O’Neill said that under the PNC-led government, people saw what could be done and they wanted to see the growth continued.
“PNC delivered for Goroka and the Eastern Highlands, including the Goroka Airport renewal, the Goroka Hospital redevelopment, University of Goroka dormitories and support to agriculture through the Fresh Produce Development Agency.
“As we saw in the recent Menyamya by-election, the people want to be represented by a member who will work to deliver real services in education, healthcare and law and order, as well as deliver better infrastructure,” he said.
“These are our proven PNC policies, and we will take these policies to the people of Goroka for their judgement in this by-election.
“Goroka needs a strong leader today who will deliver improvements in the district before the 2022 general election and into the next Parliament term.
“I look forward to joining Henry Ame in Goroka to endorse his candidacy and launch his campaign in August.”

One thought on “O’Neill confirms PNC’s endorsement of Ame for by-election

  • Good to see Ame coming out clear on his party affiliations. Last election he ran independent and many of us voted for him thinking he was anti-PNC.

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