O’Neill dismisses Ling-Stuckey’s budget deficit claims

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FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, pictured, has dismissed Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey’s claims that there was a deficit of K4.6 billion in this year’s budget as “nonsense.”
O’Neill said instead of criticising and condemning the decisions of the former government, which Prime Minister James Marape, Patrick Pruaitch, Charles Abel and others had been part of over the past eight years, Ling-Stuckey needed to be honest with data and articulate his plans for the future and stop playing politics.
“This Treasurer is using made-up figures for no other reason than to play politics,” he said.
“Charles Abel was Treasurer and James Marape was Finance Minister for the 2019 budget, so is he saying James Marape and Charles Abel were wrong?
“The budget deficit this year was projected at 1.5 per cent as agreed by Marape and Abel, not the 5.8 per cent claimed by this new Treasurer. “He calls Treasurer Abel’s 100-day plan after the last election as a fake plan.
“The only fakeness I see is the new Treasurer’s false figures.
“He should go back and check with these leaders on the actual figures instead of making false claims.
O’Neill said the only thing Ling-Stuckey had it right in his statement was that Papua New Guineans were strong and resilient and despite being affected by the drop in commodity prices several years ago, the government had managed the budget and delivered services to the people.
He called on Ling-Stuckey to stop his grand standing and instead work earnestly with other Members of Parliament to address the country’s challenges.
O’Neill said business confidence was at an all-time low after months of political instability and indecision.
“The Papua LNG Project is now on hold and nothing will happen until there is movement on P’nyang; businesses are not spending money as they see their bottom lines eroding and workers are being laid off,” he said.
“So we have to get on top of the damage that has been caused in recent months, and regardless of what has happened in politics, we must work together and get back on top of the economy like we were six months ago.”


  • No offence to Hon. Ian Ling-Stuckey but I think enough time has been given to the blaming game. If he were to take off his glasses and look again, the very people who were the mastermind in the past government are now in the his current. Enough of the blaming game and start to think constructively on how we all can work together to alleviate the problems identified and bring back PNG. Hon Peter O’Neil does have a point.

  • PLEASE can we not comment negative comments about former PM. He has done so much for PNG in his sort term as PM for only 7 year. PO, always put your head up…full support

  • Full support to former PM. Please STOP! any political comments to him and start doing something,
    Days are gettin short and road from 9 mile Bulolo junction to Yalu brigde has seen good bad from
    Bad to worse every day. People leaving from these areas Nari, HBS, 11 Mile Guard Dog, Budeng,
    12 mile, Busanim, Armsec, Warakap and Yalu are badly affected due to to NO PVM operation in
    The area, also students and working classes missed out daily due to no PMV service. If only PM
    PO times I think that road should have complete by now. Thanks to former PM for the first phase.

  • Former PM PO was a strong leader. I agree that he has done so much for the country and he would have done so much more if he was still PM today. Politics is a bad thing. Seriously STOP the blame game and work together for our country.

  • Everything rises and falls with Leadership. when the leader is righteous, his people rejoice, and vise versa, the people lament when the leader is evil. times and seasons changed, people come and pass by, yet things remain unchanged. whom to blame? lets work in unity for the people, because from the people, by the people and it must be for the people. congradulations former PM, peter oneil. you have played your part, only god knows and only God will judge you according to what your deeds. A new challenges for the current PM Hon James Marape. unity we stand and divided we fall. together we can do it.

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