O’Neill expresses interest in Hanuabada resettlement


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has expressed interest in the resettlement plan for Hanuabada village following a meeting with village leaders on Friday at his office in Port Moresby.
O’Neill contributed K250,000 on behalf of the government.
He expressed his sympathy to those who have lost their homes and belongings in the recent fire.
He assured village leaders that the government would work with them to ensure that their lives returned to normal.
“I am pleased to see how communities are responding positively in ensuring your homes are rebuilt,” O’Neill said.
He said there were many challenges faced in Hanuabada but he was grateful to hear that the leaders have come forward with talks on a proper settlement plan.
The plan would allow villagers to have access to proper services such as water, sewerage and electricity.
O’Neill said the government would stand ready to assist.
“I am interested in the settlement plan for Hanuabada that you have and I am happy to work together with the leaders to deliver the plan,” he said.
Those that came to meet with O’Neill were victims of the fire.
The victims expressed their gratitude for the support received by communities and thanked the government for its contribution.
Dadi Toka Junior, who represented the villagers, briefed O’Neill on the fire.
He said this was the second time a fire occurred in the village but they were lucky to have it under control unlike in the past when the whole village was burnt down.
He said the public’s support had been overwhelming and thanked those who responded quickly to assist the victims.
Others who assisted the victims at Hanuabada on Friday included the Treasury Department (K25,000), National Fisheries Authority (K10,000), Mineral Resources Authority (K5000) BNBM Hardware with goods worth K10,000 and Lae Snax Tigers on behalf of franchise owners, Lae Biscuit Company with goods worth K10,000.