O’Neill: Extra taxes will not help

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IALIBU-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill says imposing additional taxes on banks and telecommunication companies will not solve the Government’s cash-flow problems.
He said companies would pass these taxes to consumers immediately.
“We already have the highest bank fees and telecommunications charges by global standards. Why make our people suffer even more?” he said.
“Our people are already struggling to put food on the table for their families and prices of everything, including rice, bread, etc have increased substantially in the past two years.
“This madness must stop. Government needs to wake up.
“Our people are suffering.
“We need an economic rescue plan, not high taxes and more unemployment.
“Desperately trying to impose additional tax on banks and telecommunications companies is unnecessary and will not solve Government’s cash problems.
“It’s like milking the same cows over and over again will not improve production.”
Meanwhile, the Department of Treasury is investigating who leaked a National Executive Council paper on the proposed tax hike to the media.
Secretary Dairi Vele said the leaking of such documents was an offence under the Public Services (Management) Act 1995 and the Public Service General Orders.
He said the Department of Information and Communications Technology had been notified of the breach.
Vele said: “This is unacceptable and Treasury will act swiftly on the unprofessional behaviour of any officer.
“The Government must have the trust of the public service to act impartially for the good of the people.
“The design and management of the (2022) national budget is the core responsibility of the Department of Treasury and any officer that seeks to undermine that responsibility will be dealt with.”

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