O’Neill gets the highest pay out of all elected leaders: Report


Prime Minister Peter O’Neill heads the list of elected leaders in terms of pay in the Salaries and Remuneration  Commission Determinations of 2015 for Elected Leaders.
He is followed by Speaker Job Pomat, Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel, Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch, State ministers, provincial governors, deputy speaker, deputy opposition leader, chairmen of special committees, vice-ministers, public accounts committee chairman, chairmen of parliamentary working committees, chairmen of parliamentary permanent committees, shadow ministers, government and opposition whips, deputy chairmen of the public accounts committee and parliamentary working committees,  assistant speaker, and ordinary MPs.
The breakdown according to the determinations, a copy of which has been obtained by The National, has:

  • O’Neill K346,037 gross annual salary; total benefits per year K974,714;
  • Pomat K293,712; K740,143;
  • Abel K276,830; K710,761;
  • Pruaitch K276, 830; K710,761;
  • Ministers K230,921; K590,072;
  • Former prime ministers K230,921; K590,072;
  • Provincial governors K155,306; K435,257;
  • Deputy Speaker K136,737; K447,749;
  • Deputy Opposition Leader K136,737; K447,749;
  • Chairmen of special committees K126,272; K421,849;
  • Chairmen of parliamentary committees K126,272; K393,825;
  • Shadow ministers K115,807; K343,010;
  • Government and Opposition whips K115,807; K333,754;
  • Deputy chairmen of parliamentary committees K105,343; K301,948;
  • Assistant speaker K105,343; K301,948;
  • Ordinary MPs K105,343; K301,948