O’Neill, govt have done a lot


MOST senior MPs on the Opposition know very well the state of affairs of both politics and economy when the people’s prime minister and Member for Ialibu Pangia Peter O’Neill took office.
The mess that O’Neill Government is presently addressing are compounding issues created by previous Governments.
To constantly create the impression that O’Neill is responsible for the mess as perceived by the Opposition is grossly unfair and amount to miscarriage of facts.
Considering the progressive nature of events, such is politics where the present address past decisions to create a better future.
To blame past leadership would not serve the present interest because it’s a waste of time and energy and we are practically living by the decisions already being made.
But appreciating the past to better the future is imperative for present Government.
And that has been the legacy of O’Neill Government.
It’s a shame on the Opposition collective and individual intelligence when they show no authority in providing alternative policies as their political platform in their quest for a change of Government.
Nevertheless, the Opposition knows very well that, however, they collectively or individually feel about O’Neill, in his seven years as prime minister, he has achieved a lot with his Government.

Samson Wena