O’Neill hits out at PM

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IALIBU-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill is concerned about a statement by Prime Minister James Marape that people who talk about issues of provincial independence or autonomy will be charged with sedition.
O’Neill said Marape’s intention to police free speech was embarrassing.
Marape however said he was misunderstood when explaining the difference between the referendum for autonomy and independence for provinces.
“Autonomy and independence are two completely different words,” Marape said.
“We (Government) will now work with New Ireland, East New Britain and Enga provinces to progress my version of autonomy.
“That includes financial empowerment and not just financial delegations. Peter O’Neill had eight years to tidy and tighten up our country including handling Bougainville issues with care.
“The mess from the past 45 (years) is what my government is trying to tidy up.” O’Neill, the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party leader said they would continue to “support reforms that advance provincial autonomy in finance and infrastructure delivery, and service delivery in areas that includes healthcare, education, public works, and law and order”.
“We will further articulate our achievements and future plans for greater provincial autonomy reforms (later),” he said.
“But it is not for James Marape to dictate to our citizens what they are allowed to talk about, and threaten that if our people are overheard talking about an issue that is forbidden by Marape such as provincial independence or autonomy, they will be arrested and charged with sedition.
“So long as the expression of such views does not incite people to commit acts of violence, or to commit other crimes or harm, these essential rights are protected by our Constitution.
“There is an old civil liberties concept that is summed up as: I might disapprove of what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.
“This sentiment is backed up in section 46 of our Constitution.”


  • Papa blo dinnau moni, you take a break. You’re a popular just because of your title in borrowing biilions to build cheap roads in POM.

  • the feud between these once buddies is entertaining.
    Can one of you two be the first to label the other as being corrupt?
    A lot of people want to know the true inside story of your time together in government for 6 years.

  • They both know each other too well. One cannot openly tell the other how corrupt he is because they both are the same and in the same boat.

    If Marape truly want to take PNG back from corruption, he must start with himself from where he is, without fear or favor, and he can truly be the saviour of this country.


    • Without dinau you would not have witnessed moving of Pom wharf to Motukea, expansion of Lae wharf and other wharves throughout the country, 4 lane highway to Nadzab n other road projects, improvement and expansion of airports and airport facilities throughout PNG etc. PNG budget could not have funded these projects

  • POBlahblah try to shut up. Your time is up. Let PMJM do his tasks and also clean up your mess.

  • Peter and Belden no one is righteous in the eyes of the Lord. Pls stop playing politics and let PMJM lead till the next election come. Let the people choose!

  • PMJM is only trying to clean up O’Neil’s mess. Some shameless power hungry leaders cannot realise the mess they brought this nation into and yet they regard themselves as perfect. Its good to have a strong opposition but it is better realising one’s mistakes and putting the nation’s interest first.
    PMJM is in serious business of taking back PNG.

    • Thought PMJM n PO were together in the last Government. They are both responsible for the mess

  • PO check your backyards before crying in the media like a baby. Who created the mess? Have some appreciation that PMJM is cleaning your rubbish bins.

  • Little babies will cry over and over untill they get what they want..PO is one of those babies,stand firm as man and wait for 2022 to come so that people of PNG will make their choices,toktok osem liklik meri stap ya lusim……

  • Stern, without providing any better alternatives, you could be seen as short sighted and dumb.

    This forum is for people with brains and thinkers who contribute useful alternatives for all to see and comment on. Not for the low minded.

    Better not to use this forum if you have good nothing to contribute.

  • You have already got your name tag “O’Neill to O’Steal just by your deeds and what you have done in this country and every human being knows very well what type and who Peter O’Neill is. Those shallow argument on the less significant issued figured are just bullshits to cover up your evil ways.

    Just because aging father sir Julies Chan cried foul over Ministerial Portfolio demotions from his PPP man hence scratching reasons and tapped the issue of Provencal Autonomy in the Provinces, come-on PNG is not a big country where every Provinces can be Autonomy – Nonsense, just join PMJM and uplift the slogan TAKE BACK PNG and you shell be forgiven/recover your name.

  • Peter please don’t try to disturb the good governance on James because your turn is over if you have such ideas,you should fullfil your dreams when you are in power but now your turn is over,it’s James turn..

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