O’Neill still delivering


FORMER prime minister and Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill is continuing to stamp his authority as a national leader in delivering vital services around the country.
For O’Neill, living changing development should not stop irrespective of whichever side of the house one sits.
A classroom here and a water ambulance there are many things O’Neill continues to dish out outside of his electorate in his own initiative.
As the country’s former leader, he feels obliged to help electorates outside of his own.
Recently, O’Neill donated K50,000 to a community school in East Sepik, fulfilling a commitment he made earlier when opening a classroom.
Education remains close to his heart as he himself had a difficult past trying to get educated whilst traversing many places and cultures.
Moving from Pangia, Ialibu and Goroka was no easy for the young O’Neill who was in search for education and trying to define his destiny.
Free and quality education remains the hallmark of his People’s National Congress party.
His surpassed previous governments and their attempts of free education to perfect the free tuition fee.
While embracing universal education – one of the millennium development goals – free education helped put money back into the pockets of many Papua New Guineans.
The people hold him dearly for his simple, yet live-impacting programmes.
Despite some formidable challenges and numerous attempts made to dislodge O’Neill’s growing popularity, he continues to deliver in places the Government cannot reach.
Though they may not be big, but his benevolence is surpassing politics and is gaining wider support.

David Lepi