O’Neill tells Undialu to leave commentary, focus on Hela

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FORMER Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, pictured says Hela Governor Philip Undialu should focus on addressing lawlessness in his province instead of commenting on the national economy.
He made the comment after Undialu blamed his government for the country’s debt of up to K27 billion.
Undialu reportedly alleged that the previous government doctored facts about the country’s economy.
He claimed that reckless borrowing and reckless spending on inflated contracts by the previous regime had forced the current Government to slash the provincial and district services improvement programme (PSIP and DSIP) funds to prop up a supplementary budget.
“Under former prime minister Peter O’Neill’s leadership, the country incurred a total debt of up to K27billion and an additional K6billion for SOEs.
“Our debt to GDP ratio is over 37 per cent now. That’s why this government has to do some cuts (in the supplementary budget). That’s being responsible,” Undialu told The National on Monday.
O’Neill however said: “He (Undialu) has no idea what he is talking about, he is clueless on the economy and its workings.
“He should focus on issues like the presence of law and order in Hela, stop the killings of innocent people and stop misuse of provincial funds, including development levies, in his province rather than running a commentary on the economy.”


  • The PM should be answerable for the mismanagement of the country’s economy during his rule. Why is he trying to divert attention when the Hela governor is commenting on the state of the economy? As a mandated leader representing the Province he has the right to be critic about how the country is run. Every individual politician has the right to know how the country regardless of whether they are in the opposition or government.

  • Peter O’Neill should not be commenting on the economy when his regime was responsible for the huge debt. He should take blame, accept responsibility and provide structured improvement plans like a good leader. Philip Undialu is spot on. Cudos to Mr Undialu for giving credit where it is due. Certainly Mr O’Neil is not the ideal person at this time to talk about our national economy. Just shut up and go back to Ialibu Pangia and wait for the 2022 election!

  • The former PM has done all he can to change PNG. Em kisim dinau mani na wok. Em ino usim lo province blo em yet but olgeta hap lo PNG. Hela governor has not done anything to his province. When he was the open member he did not do anything to develope remote places like Kopiago. Therefore Undaliu dont focus on national economy but senism ples blo you yet pastem

  • As an elected member of parliament, Governor is spot on with his statement. When country experiences shortcomings with cashflow, Governor is incapacitated to administer the province containing law and order situation on the ground.

    What is experienced today is because of reckless and stupid decisions committing the country and no wonder it is at the cross road.

    It’s better to own up and take full responsibility instead of shifting blame or diverting attention from the real issues.

  • Undialu’s province in total chaos, the good governor needs to really fix his backyard before he can talk about national issues. It like carpenter who doesn’t know how to build a house will continue to the hammer. Stop the blaming game and do what you can do for your province and country.

  • Despite of all the negativities of the pervious government that Mr. O’Neil led. He has left a great legacy of national infrastructural revolution in the country that no government has ever done before. He spent the borrowed money to benefit the country’s population. Now that the current parliament does not have enough members in the opposition is something the MS government will like it as they have wished for or maybe begin of higher levels of corruption and misuse of public funds is dawning in the country.

  • Hon.Peter O’Neil is a great leader.He has an international expose view which he created a great relationship with many other outside country and he got the fund and done all these excited developments and many entertainment facilities for the people of this nation,and I for one believe that no one will ever match its stand in term of delivering of services. O’Neil is a brilliant person who left a huge legacy where no PM can match it quality of leadership standard. I love to see O’Neil reign the nation all over again !

  • Economic is a complicated concept, there are situations that you will suffer from decisions and also benefit from them. Economic is predicting the future with the scarce resources of the present.
    No government can’t deny the fact that burrowing is inevitable in our economy and it is a essential element.
    So both parties should stop playing blaming game and start playing the game of economic the best way they can.

    Eventually we all must realize that we are on the same side just different views but same side.
    Whatever decision O’neil government did will affect us including Minister Undialu, and whatever decision Minister Undialu do now will affect us including Peter O’neil. Same side just different.

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