O’Neill: We have the numbers

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Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is confident that the coalition government led by his People’s National Congress party have the numbers to remain in power.
O’Neill was responding to plans by the Opposition to move a no-confidence motion against him.
“Our numbers are there so we are in government – not the Opposition. They do not have the numbers so they are in the Opposition,” O’Neill said.
The Opposition MPs rekindled public debate on the motion against O’Neill following the recent resignation of two Cabinet Ministers – James Marape (Finance) and Davis Steven (Attorney-General and Justice Minister).
“We will see on the floor,” O’Neill said. The Opposition currently has only 24 MPs and need 32 more to pass a vote of no-confidence motion they are planning for next month’s session of Parliament.
Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch said there had been “meetings” among ministers and MPs.
Pruaitch said the grace period for the current government had ended on Feb 5 and the Opposition intended to move a vote of no-confidence motion against O’Neill.
Pruaitch accused O’Neill of “mishandling many issues affecting the nation”. He urged MPs on the government side to cross the floor.