O’Neill welcomes Chan’s move to Opposition

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed the move by Sir Julius Chan to the Opposition, saying the nation and the Government thank him for his service, but the global challenges that face the country are different today than in decades past.
“We were aware that Sir Julius had been planning to move to the Opposition for some time, and I more than respect his decision,” O’Neill said from Alotau.
“Government of today is faced by more complex global challenges than at any time in our history.
“We need the next generation of leaders who are aware of global markets and are schooled in global politics to lead our nation.
“In our Government, we have that next generation of leaders who have been seasoned in the processes of modern governance and are leading our country through current global challenges.
“This Government is fixing up the legacies of the past and restoring infrastructure that had been left to decay, and government systems that had been run down.
“We do expect the leaders of the past to support the reforms that we are undertaking for the future.”