O’Neill’s comment


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill’s comments yesterday in The National was but a big joke when he accused the defecting MPs of being opportunistic and lured by money.
Isn’t what he just described was clearly what the stampedes to and corralling of PMs at the Alotau camps have been all about?
Are the PM’s comments were but simply a case of the “kettle calling the pot black”?
Why have the people not felt the promised windfalls and changes to the country’s financial landscape that was so loudly promised and preached on the hills, mountains, valleys, atolls and islands at the signing of the first LNG project despite the 200-plus shipments that have already been sold at K150 million per shipment or K30 billion to date ?
The Arabs must have been watching us with keen interest and great amusements as to how incredibly cheap PNG had sold its oil and gas resources and thus having missed such a once-in-a-lifetime great financial windfalls opportunities that could sustain the country and its people for generations to come.
Instead of the landowners being the resource owners the foreign companies /developers and business cronies become the resource owners who dictate every term of the project, benefits sharing and sales contract while the landowners simply become spectators and beneficiaries of the crumbs of the project.

Opposition Fan