O’Neill’s govt created biggest dark hole in PNG finances, says minister

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TREASURY Minister Ian Ling-Stuckey, says the (Peter) O’Neill government’s annual budgets for seven years have created the biggest and darkest black hole in Papua New Guinea (PNG)’s finances.
“That is the reason why the district and provincial services improvement programme (DSIP and PSIP) funds are being cut in the coming Supplementary Budget,” he said in a statement yesterday.
“If the DSIP and PSIP programmes were so precious to the former prime minister, why had he provided only K2 million when he lost power on May 30?
“If he was serious about the programmes, he should have at least allocated up to K4 million five months into the year. And why is it that the Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) were not paid the full K10 million in previous years? And why is it that he agreed to the programmes being cut to only K2 million in 2017?
“We must stop pretending that the O’Neill solutions are working. The former prime minister claims that his salary reforms have started working, but the true figures show yet another massive blow-out in the public service wages bill in 2019.
“In my first week as Treasurer, I had an urgent ‘due diligence’ review of budget figures. In the second week, working with National Executive Council colleagues, we double-checked the massively revised budget figures with the assistance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF),” he added.


  • Sir, that is the way to go forward to rescue PNG back which the previous Government create a dark hole by preaching whole lies to the people of Papua New Guinea, Especially about Free Education, Free Health Care and the far more worse was K10 Million DSIP and PSIP. Previous O’Neil/Able government was preaching about changes but the reality was they were creating huge deficit for the country. I know this Government will do it.

  • Way forward. Finally someone thought differently. Cut DSIP and PSIP. Along the way from Parliament to Provincial governments to Districts, human leeches attach themselves and keep sucking out the monies and no real benefit is received in the end by the people in our districts and wards.

  • Good in you Ling Stuckey to point this out and making efforts to correct a big hole. Peter O’Neill has been the most incompetent Prime Minister after the late Sir Bill Skate also of the same PNC Party to run this country down. He should not be talking and lecturing to other MPs in Parliament in how to run the county or the economy for that matter. He should simply hang his head in shame. Only a true leader will acknowledge faults and provide support to improve mitigation plans which also Peter O’Neill has shown to be arrogant. Away with Peter O’Neill and PNC!!!

  • If we really mean to Take Back PNG, it has to start from the Parliament known as Haus Tambaran before moving out. Cutting of DSIP and PSIP is the way forward.

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