O’Neill’s leadership


IT was inspiring when Peter O’Neill boldly resigned as prime minister and accepted defeat on the floor of parliament.
This demonstrates respect for democracy and servant leadership which are unique qualities of a true leader.
In any governments, there are two kinds – the one that rules to define itself and the one that rules to enhance itself.
Thank you, O’Neill government for not being the latter.
The O’Neill government must be commended for transforming PNG over the past eight years.
The ruling PNC party has displayed maturity and modern leadership in the history of PNG politics through the leadership of O’Neill compared to the past six prime ministers.
No human government is perfect and the O’Neill government is no exception.
However, it has tried its best to make a difference for the simple people.
The economy of the country is progressing and we are benefiting from the tangible development taking place in all sectors of the economy.
One of the greatest political achievements of PNC party is the TFF policy.
The policy empowers free education thus increases literacy rate and gives hope and courage to the marginalised children, girls and women.
For the parents, the O’Neill government represents their pain and the dreams of their children.
Surely, in the minds of the children of today’s generation, they will remember Peter O’Neill as the icon of hope for the future.
The O’Neill government has done what it has been mandated to do and has set a benchmark.
If the new government has some phenomenal policies that can supersede PNC’s policies then these policies must be revealed to the people so that we would have confidence in the new government.
Otherwise, the O’Neill government has revolutionised politics in PNG, and the challenge is on the new government to improve from there.

Moses Ba Mogia

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