Online selection a great relief


A great relief and alleviation has finally come for grade 12 students, particularly those who sat for the national examinations and are hoping for a placement next year.
We now have an online selection system, with thanks to the Minister for Higher Education Science Resource Technology Pila Ninigi and his hardworking team at the department.
This replace the manual selection process.
Manual selection is done by representatives from various tertiary institutions which is always prone to human error – deliberate or not- and defeats the whole purpose of transparency and fairness.
Students will now have a competent system that selects purely on merit.
It gives placing according to each institution’s admission criteria, including eligibility, space and funding quota.
This essentially removes the fear of not getting a placing because of some malpractices in the selection process or the usual heebie-jeebies of the well-to-do kid always getting the final cut.
The online selection system is also a great relief for DHERST from the painstakingly long and cumbersome selection process, let alone the costs associated with moving and accommodating the national selectors.

David Lepi
Port Moresby

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