Online selection system unfair


Grade 12 students passing out from national high and secondary schools in the country have been thrown into chaos and students and parents are distressed by the ineffective online selections.
Before last year, the online selections deprived a lot of students whose grade point averages were above 3.7/3.8.
Some students were selected for brick laying certificate courses at technical colleges, which were not their choice.
They were not selected according to their course choices.
These students were done injustice by not placing them in the universities and colleges in which they had applied for.
That is totally against their rights and choices.
Students passing out from national high schools, who were the top 5 per cent in Grade 10, are also thrown into the same basket with the top-up secondary schools for selections.
This is unfair as the top cream of the nation’s intellectuals are thrown in together with the secondary schools in the country to compete for the same spaces available in the various institutions.
National high school students are supposed to be recognised first and given priority over secondary school students.
Why do national high schools exist?
Scrape the national high schools because it is seen as a duplication of secondary schools.
Why are students given five choices for online selections on their applications?
Higher Education Minister Wesley Raminai should look into this and provide an explanation, and do away with the online selection.

Augustine Onasu

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