Only husked betel nuts to be allowed, Parkop says

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 12th, 2014

 ONLY husked betel nuts will be allowed into Port Moresby city, Natiional Capital District Governor Powes Parkop announced last week.

“I will not allow the city to go back to its former days of filthy betel nut stains and spittle and piles of betel nut husks in almost all public areas,” he said.

Parkop said in the city’s longer term operational plan, he was looking at ways to allow in only nuts without husks.

“Betel nut husks and the spittle are the main contributing factors towards the filthiness and unhygienic conditions created, which is an eyesore in public places around the city,” he said.

“I am planning to allow the selling and chewing of  betel nuts without husks that will be strictly monitored and regulated in and around the city as per the rules and guidelines already made public for everyone to follow.”

Police have been clamping down on the sales of betel nuts at the Waigani Market, Manu, Hohola, Sabama, Gerehu,Tokarara, 6-Mile and other parts of the city.

NCD chief of police operations Chief Insp Perou N’Dranou issued a warning that all illegal sales would come to a stop as police would be out in force to stop disobedient and arrogant sellers.