Only minister can decide, claims insider

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The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010


ACTING chairman of PNG Sports Foundation Graeme Osborne has been challenged not to defend the allegations of misappropriation and mismanagement levelled against chief executive officer Iamo Launa.

A senior staff with PNGSF who wants to remain anonymous told The National yesterday that while he fully supported the yesterday’s back page report, “Launa’s not dirty”, he said Osborne should not provide a human shield for the CEO as there was no board in place.

He claimed the term of the board members expired in May and since then there has been no board in place.

“The acting chairman is not an executive chairman where he can monitor what is happening at the PNGSF as he is only the meeting chairman,” he said.

The senior staffer also questioned if and when Osborne’s acting chairmanship was gazetted.

“All he said in yesterday’s report is nonsense as the sports minister is the only person who can decide on the fate of CEO following the recommendation from the full board,” the staffer claimed.

Launa yesterday morning responded to allegations of mismanagement and misappropriation against her claiming that they were not true.

“I have replied to all the allegations to the chairman to clear my name and everything is with him,” Launa said. 

The CEO was further instructed by Osborne not to comment on the matter.

“I’m reviewing the file and Iamo’s explanation (documents) on the matter and I will make a decision  on the matter this week or later,” Osborne said. 

Meanwhile, the appointment of the new PNGSF board is likely to be made during the combined, departmental head meeting, following the NEC meeting set for Jan 7 at Loloata Island, 20km east of Port Moresby.

Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal in his circular to all departmental heads and ministers, directed them to return to work on Jan 4 to prepare themselves for the Cabinet meeting on Jan 7. 

The appointment of new PNGSF board is among many outstanding cabinet submissions which will be deliberated on.