Only the death penalty will help PNG


The National, Friday July 6th, 2012

I TOTALLY agree with Kaep Ipi Jr’s letter “PNG needs death penalty” (The National, July 2).
Our country has abundant resources to provide enough goods and servi­ces to the seven million people.
There is even enough for those in the most re­mote parts of Telefomin in West Sepik or Karimui Nomane in Chimbu.
The only thing that is hindering the delivery of  basic goods and services to the people is corruption.
As a senior public servant who has been in the government system for the past 15 years, I am fed up when people say, if you want your claim to be sorted out “you must speak the Waigani Tok Pisin”, or the “language of the Waigani corridors”.
Tougher laws should also be passed in parliament so that perpetrators of violent crimes such as rape and murder face the death penalty.
We need a dozen or so new, colourful and vocal leaders such as Belden Namah to form the next government so that they can make more amendments to the Constitution.
Death penalties should be conducted in public places.
When people see criminals  being hanged or executed by a firing squad, nobody would want to be involved in any violent crimes and PNG would be a peaceful paradise for everyone.

Mal Nuka
Port Moresby