Only three on common roll

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 1st, 2013


ONLY three out of 100 members of the Madib incorporated land group (ILG) who are landowners of part of Madang town have their names on the common roll.

The re-registration of ILGs under the ILG Act amended in 2009 prompted them to double-check with the common roll up to May 31 last year for ward 18 of Ambenob and have found that only three people were listed.

Madib clan leaders held a meeting last Friday and raised concern on the matter.

They said there was a serious problem with the common roll.

Madib ILG consultant Michael Kondai said 54 members of the clan on Mareg Island outside Yabob village, 31 at Gum and five in the main Yabob village have missed out on the common roll. 

Kondai said they had written a letter to the provincial returning officer Phillip Enn about their concerns but have yet to receive a response.

“Electoral Commission staff had told us that they don’t have money to run elections and will not assist us but now they are preparing for the elections and this is not fair,” Kondai said.

Intending candidate for the Madang president seat Joe Yama also said the Madang Electoral Commission staff members were given enough time to attend to issues relating to the common roll but now that time had lapsed.

He was also concerned on the one day polling scheduled by Electoral Commission, saying some populated areas needed more time for polling.

“Ward 6, Ward 7, Ward 8, Ward 9 and Ward 10 are very populated areas and polling time there should be extended to two days to allow everyone to vote,” Yama said.