Only two Maseratis sold by tender


ONLY two of the 40 Maserati cars brought in for the 2018 Apec Leaders’ Summit have been sold so far, according to the National Procurement Commission.
Chief executive officer Simon Bole told The National yesterday 38 were still on tender.
“And of the three Bentleys, one was donated to the Governor-General’s Office, and one to the Prime Minister’s Office. And one is still on tender,” he said.
Bole said 166 Apec vehicles were handed over to government agencies, churches, non-government organisations, health centres and schools.
“They were the vehicles donated to PNG for Apec. We have in turn donated them.”
Some of the remaining vehicles will be tendered by the National Procurement Commission this week.
Bole said the commission was only responsible for facilitating the tender process.
“According to the Apec Authority Act, after Apec all the vehicles will go back to Finance. So we are just facilitating it. At this point in time, we cannot say how many vehicles will be put on tender,” he said.


  • And where is Justin Tkatchenko who is suppose to have some answers on how these vehicles were to be sold? He had plans, had he?
    Back then,he boasted about them selling like hot cakes. So how come they haven’t sold out yet?
    Small minded MP now in hibernation.

    • I remember front page headlines of someone stating they were selling like hot cakes. After APEC 2018, Little did he know it was only a matter of time before those statements would come back to haunt him when the govt. changed hands. May he now re-live this moment in shame and disgrace.

  • When will the Politicians going to stop lying to the public? Not all the people are not gullible as as the affected population indulging in same or similar activities who are desensitized to ethical practices. Citizens with good sense and Christian practices need to take a stand against the rot that is gnawing away the moral and ethical principles of our leaders and inductees.

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