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THE Central Bank needs to allow citizens to use PayPal and other online earning opportunities.
Through Google AdSense, Papua New Guineans can earn an income in foreign currency.
This is real empowerment.
Right now, we cannot sell products online to the international market.
We can only buy from them.
Our local bank accounts cannot link with PayPal and other online payment methods.
There is Western Union but the process is cumbersome because you have to stand in very long queues to complete an online transaction.
It’s an inefficient payment method to integrate into an online business model.
Today’s business model has evolved away from the brick and mortar and four square walls to millions of potential clients across geographical borders.
The significance of an online business is that the current global reach of the internet stands at 3.1 billion users that is potential customers!
If you’re not convinced enough just take a look at Alibaba and Amazon.
We may not be the next Jack Ma or Jeff Bezos but earning US dollar or British pound is way better than selling betel nut and cigarettes at the road side.

Jacob, Via Email

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