Opening of Banab Bridge in Madang deferred


THE opening of the Banab Bridge in Madang has again been deferred, according to contractor JV PNG Investment.
Company director John Bankok said he was recently advised that the opening of the bridge would be on February 8.
Bankok said that was enough time to finish off the final work.
“We are now working on the final touches before we jack it down to the pillars and backfill,” he said.
The bridge constructed in 1962 collapsed a year ago under the weight of a semi-trailer that was carrying an excavator to Bogia.
Meanwhile, Madang acting administrator John Bivi said an investigation would be launched into how millions were paid to a contractor for the construction of the
bridge but had failed to complete it.
Bivi said JV PNG Investment arrived and got the work done within two months without a single toea from the Government.
“JV PNG used its own money on the bridge so we will not back down in this one,” Bivi said.
“We will still investigate how millions was received by the previous contractor and work not done.”
Madang Governor Peter Yama also said he would request authorities to investigate the payment for the bridge construction.
Sumkar PM Chris Nangoi thanked Bankok and his team for the fast construction of the bridge.
Nangoi committed K15,000 to support JV PNG with sign posts before and after the bridge.
Yama apologised to the people of Madang for the problems that occurred when the bridge collapsed.