Opening of Rigo’s new fellowship centre brings church closer to home


Settlers at Gamoga Golo near Kokebagu in Rigo, Central, can now worship freely without having to walk long distances to churches.
The Gamoga Golo Fellowship and Worship Centre opened last Saturday.
The opening was done by by Steve Harris, a senior pastor and musician with Hillsong, Australia.
Elder and leader Babona Vaiu said that for the past 40 years it had been his desire to have a church nearby.
He said it was God’s timing that the centre had now been built.
His main message to the congregation was on the ecclesiastic.
Harris said it was not about being labelled as Christian or member of a church, but it was about having the fullness of the Holy Spirit inside of a person that made a difference.
Praise and worship were led by Karekodobu United Church ministry team.
In the evening and Sunday morning, Pastor Harris preached to many young people.
Thomas Abe, who initiated and founded the church, said this was more of an apostolic hub.
He said regardless of what denomination people came from, the worship centre would train them spiritually before they returned to their various churches.
Abe said today’s young people were leaving the church, turning to drugs and creating many social problems.
He said that was happening because some churches were too religious and focused too much on material things, therefore, were not teaching the basics and the true foundations of the Holy Spirit.