Operations to resume, says PMGH

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The National, Thursday 05th July, 2012

PORT Moresby General Hospital medical director David Mokela has assured patients waiting for operations that anaesthetic drugs have been brought in so ope­rations could resume.
Mokela was responding to complaints from a surgeon on Monday that they had not conducted any operations for the past four weeks because there were no drugs.
The surgeon, who did not want to be named, expressed frustration, saying it was unfair for patients because many of them went without food thinking they would undergo an operation only to be told the next day that it had been cancelled because of the lack of drugs.
He said the hospital ma­nagement and the Health Department should by now have a proper system in place to counter drug shortages.
Mokela said that such statements were not authorised by the management but admitted that they did have problems with drugs and were working with the health department to ship in drugs from Rabaul, East New Bri­tain province.
He said they were putting together a plan to address drug shortage issues.
Mokela said the hospital would be opening its coronary care unit today.
The unit was refurbished by Bank South Pacific.
He said preparations were underway for the Open Heart programme.