Oppn must help Abal rid graft

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, June 20, 2011

IT is good to see young and vibrant opposition politicians going to the press re­gularly to inform the people of what is happening.
We are monitoring them and their comments, especially with re­gard to Sir Michael Somare.
The Chief should be left in peace to recover.
While I support the op­position, I believe that we must be sensitive to issues regarding the Chief.
With election less than 12 months away, the opposition should be assisting the government create a stable political environment where investors can be confident of our country.
The acting prime minister has made some bold decisions to sack two senior ministers.
Don Poyle should not be crying as he had the opportunity to leave with Sir Puka Temu.
His indecisiveness has finally caught up with him.
For William Duma, only he alone knows why he was sacked.
Sam Abal must get to the bottom of the K125 million Nasfund deal and the missing millions in the Health Department.
What the opposition ought to do now is to support Abal curb lawlessness and fight against corruption.
Corruption is a cancer that is entrenched in our government system and it is affecting our political, social and spiritual well-being as a nation.

Port Moresby