Oppn must show what it can do

Letters, Normal

The National

IF the track records of Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Julius Chan and Bart Philemon on delivering basic service in their respective electorate is of any indication of the leadership qualities they have, then heaven help us should they be successful in removing the Government.
Sir Mekere has yet to resolve many outstanding issues since 2001 when he was the prime minister while Mr Philemon cannot even fix the roads in his electorate.
How many times do we have to read about craters and potholes along the main roads of Lae city?
Sir Julius does not need any introduction.
His reputation precedes him.
What have they got to show to the country that they are better than the present Government?
The economy is grown under the present Government.
There may be dodgy deals here and there, but that the same as everywhere else in the world.
Find me one single country in the world where such thing is not happening.
The main thing is the majority of the present government policies are successful in delivering services and development.
Let the old Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare serve out his term.
In the meanwhile, the Opposition Members should make an effort to prove to the voters what they can do so that voters will elect them come 2012.
Calling for the Prime Minister to step down or moving a motion of no-confidence and change the Government at present is untimely.
Many people will only see this as serving the MPs’ self-interest.
The people of PNG today are not blind.