Opportunity of a lifetime as Jiwaka students win chance to study abroad

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The National, Wednesday 15th Febuary 2012


TWO students attending the Global Flexible Secondary School in Jiwaka have left for the United States and Australia to further their studies.

The students are Timothy Joseph and Mandarin Paul.

Joseph is from Minj in Jiwaka and Paul is from Dei in Western Highlands.

Joseph will continue his studies in northern Australia while Paul will study at Honolulu in Hawaii, US.

This is good news for the students, parents and the school to achieve their dreams.

Apart from these two students, 55-year-old Kuk Gole was also one of the pioneer graduates of the school in 2010 and he was accepted at the University of Goroka, completed his studies and Gole will further his studies in England this year.

Principal Ben Waks said that since the school started in 2010, these students had made their parents and the school proud with their achievements.

Waks said that he still had dreams to send students to school and universities because this what the school was aiming at.

He said apart from these students the school had also sent many to attend the Divine Word University, University of Technology, University of Papua New Guinea and other institutions throughout the country.

The school has the vision to develop the students who are outcast by the normal system, Waks said.

He said the school had opened two more branches at Banz, Jiwaka, and Kapupena, Southern Highlands.

Waks said since 2010, about 6,000 students had continued their studies at the school and many of them were now students in colleges and universities.

He said that these two students and Gole were the pioneers who would be studying abroad.

Waks urged students who were rejected by the system in the Education Department to continue their studies with the flexible school.

The school’s executive director Fr Gabriel Kura commended the students for achieving a higher goal when they were selected to study overseas.

Kura said this was what his teachers and the board members were aiming so that they could raise a student to become a very successful person in future.

 He said education is the very most important area that can help and build a person to become successful.

Kura said many people are going around saying all sorts of bad things about the school but now that these students and others who were accepted in other universities and colleges.

Kura said this have proven to the people that they were wrong.

He said parents must sent their children to school because this where they will build them up and make them achieve their purpose in life.