Opposing mobile gambling is hypocritical

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ELECTED and self-styled leaders who claim to fully perceive the evil consequences of mobile gambling have bastardised their little wisdom and are literally swimming in their own idiotism.
Look at SP Brewery’s contribution to poverty, death, debts, prostitution, HIV/AIDS, homosexuality, adultery, unemployment, etc, in Papua New Guinea.
Look at Cambridge, Benson & Hedges, Spear, Muruk and other brand of cigarettes’ contribution to the lungs of Papua New Guineans.
Look at what coffee punch has done to the young generation of Papua New Guinea.
Look at what lamb flaps have done to the health of Papua New Guineans.
Look at what poker machines have done to Papua New Guineans.
Look at what buai is doing to Papua New Guineans.
Mobile gambling is not that bad if you were to seriously look at it comparatively.
Mobile gambling will not change anything.
Comparatively speaking, take a student with K5 lunch money.
That student will use that money and chew at least two buai (50t each) and smoke a cigarette (70t).
The change left is K3.30 which is not sufficient to play a game on his or her mobile because it would cost K4.20 per game. 
It is still expensive for any average student to play the game.
Besides, they will not be eligible to collect the prize if they are under 18 years old. Period.
They are unlikely to play, K4.20 per game is too much for many small people to play when prices of goods and services are rising every hour in this country.
Have our leaders done anything to ban buai, cigarettes, lamb flaps, beer, coffee punch, lemon punch, etc?
So why are we so uptight on a game that would bring added income for the gaming board to keep on buying ambulances for health centres, sponsor sporting activities, sponsor national events, and contribute to charity organisations, etc.
Leaders must not contradict themselves but see if they are saying the right thing.
This is a democratic country, therefore, the people must be seen to make decisions for themselves as reflected in the current practice where dangerous items like beer and smoke are made readily available to people without any questions being asked.
Mobile gambling for economic reasons is fine and should not be banned. 


Sprox Walker
Port Moresby