Opposition leader exposes failures

National, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 12, 2011

OPPOSITION and PNG Party leader Belden Namah has accused the government of failing to address corruption and the breakdown of law and order.
In his maiden speech as opposition leader yesterday, Namah said the government had failed to address the open defiance of the rule of law.
He said the government had failed to review resource laws to favour indigenous landowners, the deteriorating state of vital transport, telecommunication and other infrastructure, uncontrolled influx of foreigners (both legal and illegal) and foreigners taking over many reserved activities.
He said as a result of wrong decisions, the effects were felt right across the country.
Namah said as part of keeping checks and balances on the government, the opposition “will continue to expose the mistakes of the current government and its leadership”.
He said citizens continued to suffer daily from the hardship brought on by the high cost of living and escalating prices of goods and services.
“However, we (PNG Party and coalition partners) believe we have the best plans and answers to relieve our people from further sufferings.
“We will provide the best alternatives to provide lasting solutions to many of the socio-economic problems faced by our citizens,” the opposition leader said.
He said a new government would properly resource the defence, police and correctional services. Free education for elementary to secondary and vocational training would also be effected including a review of teachers’ salaries and conditions and abolishing the outcome-based education system.
Namah said the alternate government was serious on introducing free basic health, review terms and conditions of government health workers and review natural resource laws.
Namah said they would embarked on a 100% downstream processing of selected raw
materials, including fisheries and forest resources, while fully enforcing forestry regulations and policies.
He said they planned to revive the public transport board and the department of works in the provinces to fix deteriorating roads and bridges.
He said there were plans to revive the dying military engineering battalion, while at the same time reintroduce the cadet system to instil discipline “in our future generations to address the attitude problems of the youth”.