Opposition made up of professionals

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the letter “Manase win will boost Oppn” (Sept 15) by “Samb 58” of Lae.
The writer said Manase would boost the Opposition because he was a professional.
Does that imply that the current Opposition members are not professionals?
I don’t think so.
Our Opposition MPs, led by Sir Mekere Mourata, are professionals.
The Opposition is made up of elite and intellectual Papua New Guineans.
Even though they are a minority in Parliament, they have stood their ground and fought for the people of PNG.
They have proven themselves to be true and strong leaders who are not shaken by the majority.
As for the people of Kandep, they must choose a leader with long-term plans.
From Independence till now, they have seen leaders come and go.
They must remember that long term plans will mean nothing if the leader does not turn his plans into tangible goods and services.
Therefore, the people of Kandep must choose a leader who do not conjure dreams but work hard to bring tangible services.


Port Moresby