Opposition members against move


Opposition leader Belden Namah says he and other Opposition members are against a move before Parliament to reintroduce the first-past-the-post (FPTP) system for national and local level government elections.
“Our Opposition has invited (Gumine MP) Nick Kuman, the sponsor of the Private Member’s Bill to address us, and he graciously did so and explained his reasons to the caucus this week,” he said in a statement.
“After examining his reasons, we have decided that there is no time to deliberate on this matter properly between now and the 2022 elections.
“Secondly, changes to a Constitutional law should not be the prerogative of one individual.
“That is why we have the Constitution and Law Reform Commission.
“Any attempt to change the Constitution or Constitutional laws should be submitted to its jurisdiction.
“Third, after a comprehensive, nationwide consultative process, the Constitution and Law Reform Commission, has recommended to Parliament to keep the limited preferential voting system. We will stand by its recommendations as there has been extensive nationwide consultation over two years.”