Opposition MPs free, says Polye

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The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

The Opposition was scathing in its attack on the Government for holding camp in Alotau on Monday.
Opposition Leader and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader Don Polye, People’s Progress Party leader Ben Micah, PNG Party leader Belden Namah, Pangu Pati leader Sam Basil, Melanesian Liberal Party leader Dr Allan Marat and National Party leader Kerenga Kua fired barbs at Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the Government coalition for camping in Alotau.
Polye said Opposition MPs were “free and not kept in captivity” like their Government colleagues.
“We’re here, moving freely in and out, allowing our conscience to dictate to us freely, to consult with the people of our electorates and the people of Papua New Guinea, the professionals, the business community,” he said.
“What concerns me is Peter O’Neill chartering a plane, locking every MP in the plane, and flying them to a secluded environment away from Port Moresby.
“To me, I call that enticement.
“Enticing MPs into a plane and taking them to Alotau when it is not necessary, it is not justified, there’s no need for that.
“In other words, it’s bribing MPs to do something out of the normal course of their duties, against their conscience.
“The question I ask is where did he get the money to charter that plane. “Whose money is it?
“I have reports here of K112 million-plus coming out of Government coffers to pay for this exercise. “That’s the people’s money. “The prime minister must stand up and tell the people of this nation where did he get the money to fly MPs – against their conscience – into captivity in Alotau to address the motion of no-confidence.”
Micah said: “Whether we win or we lose, we are on the side of the right. “We are likle small boy David with five stones against giant Goliath. “We are Gideon and his 300 men against 200,000 Midianites.
“My brother prime minister, you can have your 89 in Alotau – 8.9 million people are with this team.”
Kua said O’Neill was taking MPs to Alotau, “locking them up down there”.
“The balus (plane) ticket is a bribe,” he said.