Opposition MPs slam call to end police probe

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TWO Opposition MPs have condemned the call by Speaker Job Pomat to stop police investigations into the storming of Parliament by a group of police and prison officers in November.
Deputy Opposition Leader and South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu said it was wrong for the Speaker to call for an end to the investigation into the event in which Parliament properties were damaged or stolen.
He said the allegations were “criminal” in nature and it would set a bad precedent to stop police from investigating them.
Shadow Justice Minister and Attorney-General Kerenga Kua, pictured, called on Pomat to “reverse” what he said because it would be interfering with the Constitutional duties of the police force.
He said while he respected the Speaker, what he said was wrong.
“The Speaker has overstepped his mark,” Kua said.
“Nobody, not even the prime minister, governor-general or the chief justice can stop or influence a police officer from performing his or her constitutional duties.
“What the Speaker has done is interfering with the duties and processes of the law.
“It is a crime in itself. I am encouraging the Speaker to retract it.”
Parliament will begin tomorrow its series of sittings this year.
Some of the damage sustained during the November incident are yet to be repaired.
For example, the damaged scanning machines at the entrances are yet to be fixed.