Opposition: Sitting a mockery of principles

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Southern Highlands Governor William Powi (left) with Works Minister Michael Nali in parliament yesterday.

THE Opposition has denounced the recall of Parliament yesterday as a mockery of parliamentary and democratic processes and principles.
A statement signed by Opposition Leader Belden Namah, Alotau MP Charles Abel, Abau MP Sir Puka Temu and Wapenamanda MP Rimbink Pato yesterday said Speaker Job Pomat acted outside his powers to recall Parliament after a motion was passed last Friday to adjourn it to Dec 1.
“Further, by giving MPs less than 24 hours (notice), the Speaker deprived more than half of Parliament their Constitutional right to represent their people in the budget sitting,” the statement said.
The group camping in Vanimo, West Sepik, claim that yesterday’s proceedings of Parliament including the “passing” of the 2021 national budget were invalid.
The MPs questioned the approval of the 2021 budget in less than an hour without the tabling the budget books, and the certification of the bills by the state solicitor and first legislative counsel.
“The budget was passed on voices with only (50) MPs including the Speaker (in the House). The purported removal of the deputy speaker and private business committee without due process and with only a minority of MPs is also questioned.”
They said the 2021 budget had added another K6 billion debt to the K10 billion already borrowed by the James Marape-led Government during its 18 months in office.

Five party MPs attend but leader Pruaitch absent

Patrick Pruaitch

FIVE members of the National Alliance Party remained on the Government side yesterday while their leader Patrick Pruaitch was absent.
Pruaitch, the Aitape-Lumi MP, was seen with the Opposition group last Friday before they left for their camp in Vanimo, West Sepik.
The National Alliance has the second highest number of MPs in the coalition led by Prime Minister James Marape with 12.
The five remaining in Government were Walter Schnaubelt (Namatanai), Timothy Masiu (South Bougainville), Ian Ling-Stuckey (Kavieng), Salio Waipo (Angoram) and East Sepik Governor Allan Bird.
The 50 MPs who attended Parliament yesterday all sat on the Government benches including 26 from the Pangu Pati, five from the National Alliance, six from the United Resource Party, four from the People’s Party, two from the PNG National Party and seven from various single-MP parties.
United Resource Party leader William Duma who was seen with the Opposition group on Friday was back with his party members on the Government side yesterday.
The only People’s National Congress MP remaining in Government is Mendi MP Michael Nali, who is the Works and Implementation Minister.

Steven explains why he left Marape-led government

Davis Steven

A CABINET minister who has joined the Opposition says he left after Parliament approved the setting up of the Independent Commission Against Corruption last week without proper clearance.
Attorney-General and Justice Minister Davis Steven told The National that “now we can see evidence of the reckless and abusive leadership that I could not work with anymore”.
“Power corrupts. We have seen some (examples) in the past but what I am seeing here is simply astounding (and) unprecedented,” Steven said.
He called on the Ombudsman Commission to act to protect the laws of the country and people’s interest.
“Parliament has been called without notice and in breach of laws,” he said.
“As a result of the highly questionable decision of the Speaker (Job Pomat), only 50 MPs attended Parliament session today (yesterday).”
Steven described the tabling and passing of the 2021 national budget as the “worst case of reckless abuse of process and law”.
“(We are) going to challenge the legality of Marape’s (and) Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey’s political shopping list,” he said.
“It will all be exposed, the naked truth about the (national budget).
He said the first legislative counsel should endorse bills before they were taken to the National Executive Council for approval.
“And all laws must be certified by the State Solicitor. I doubt whether Ling-Stuckey is aware of this requirement,” he said.
“I am sure Prime Minister James Marape doesn’t really care about process as witnessed in the passage of other laws.
“This is the kind of madness that I could not live with. Thank God I have left.
“What I am witnessing here is so troubling that I am deeply worried about the country if Marape and his minority government is allowed more time in the executive government of our nation.”


  • The question now is for those MPS who left Gov’t to form new Government, there’s no guarantee that you’ll perform miracle to improve the economy. let me tell you you will still borrow money and commit the country again in loan, so you can’t do much.

  • From this contexts, it can be safely deduce that nobody in the parliament knows what kind of laws they are working under.
    So I suggest, to save face on the planet earth, change our laws already.!
    Work on what we understand.
    It is like a bunch of elementary students in the house, trying to learn ABC and 123, never knowing what’s supposed to be done. Where are they heading???!!!

    • Few elites from the opposition serving foreign investors (likely resource extracting giants) interest are using unfortunate happenings in the 18 months as smoke screen to lure MP to the opposition to dismantle the current government and the greater good it is doing for the people of PNG. The resource extracting giants are so scared that the current government is negotiating for a greater benefit for the people of PNG. Go look at OK Tedi and come down to Daru town, the former Panguna etc….a sad outlook…..Don’t turn a blind eye, our politicians in the opposition are manipulated…

  • the speaker did not derive the people right over the passing of the budget, it was the stupidity of Belden nama and his cohorts that cause the issue.


  • Simply deal with it at the court house and we see who is right and who is wrong. I see every one of you are corrupting the system and no one is perfect in that saga. Do not play a blame game.. you all are accountable for the downfall of our country’s economy.

  • The PM should by now start decomissioning all those senior cabinet ministers who jumped on the opposition’s bandwagon last Friday. They are full of selfishness and greed and are moving to benefit themselves. All reasons given for their siding with the opposition is are very shallow and pathetic, including Steven Davis’.

    NA should sack Patrick Pruaitch forthwith as he no longer has the mature standing to effectively lead and demonstrate necessary leadership to uphold and maintain the position in the political wing of the party.

  • As Garry Jufa said, no change will occur overnight. Not even those leaders moved to the opposition side have the capability to get everything into place as expected just in blind of an eye. It is common sense. Please! Please! MPs what you trying to prove to this nation? I think you need to lay down a little bit and think it over. If only we unit by putting away our self-interest and self-pride, will get this country back to her feet.

  • We do not trust all that lame excuses that is put out by the Opposition team, all 90% of the 8 million people of PNG are favor in the Government of PMJM, for what he is doing to LNG projects, Porgera Mine, & other mines & is the beginning of his vision taking over programme, we can not be slave in our own land….Let PMJM have go for the rest of this term..

    • Hi Joe Ima,

      What statistics do you have to prove your statement that 90% of the 8 million support PMJM and only 10% support Opposition? Both Governments (previous and new were reckless) are responsible of what we are going through at the moment.

      • MGena, blame some of it on CONVID-19 and the rest on the previous government unwise spending and borrowing. PNG was doing better until the previous government come into play (go check the history). The current government is doing its best to mend what was broken, unfortunately it cannot be fixed in just 18 months, this was made worse with the effect of CONVID-19. However, the good news is that the foundations have been set in place, piece by pieces by the current government for the broken to be fixed. I suggest PNG allow the current government to complete its term, the people assess and make their choices for new leader to lead comes the next election.

  • The opposition camp in vanimo is comprised of those very highly corrupted politicians who are known for messing this country up. There is no miracle they could do unless they forfeit what they robbed back to the state for them to perform a miracle within the remaining year. Otherwise, the nature has taken its course for honesty and trustworthy politicians. Let JM regains in 2021 and beyond.

  • It is the prayer of the people of this nation that there must be a vote-of-no-confidence. The reasons for a change is displayed for all to see. We are struggling financially. Our house-holds go empty before the next fortnight. Our allowances are taxed. Everything that we purchase is taxed. We do not know where we are going to get the money to pay for our children’s school fees that keeps on rising yearly. We are slaves to financial institutions and loan sharks. How can we keep abreast to the rising cost of living? Port Moresby has become one of the most expensive cities to live in. Crime is ever-increasing every single day. The safety of our families is at constant risk. Car theft, shop-lifting, assaults, abuse of the weak are just some many criminal activities that occur in our towns but there are many more. Unemployment is increasing compared to the output of graduates the tertiary institutions are producing. There are fewer numbers of vacant job out there. Even worse, this government has gone ahead and shut down an operating mine that has aggravated the economic situation. Former employees are now using the super contributions to survive. What kind of government is this that makes their people suffer for their own greedy political propaganda of Nationalism? The name of Yaweh is now a political tool to lure support from the very wide base of Christian voters in the country. What a clever ideology! People still fall for that is something that baffles me especially when a politician uses the name of the Almighty. This govt is the most cunning govt in PNG’s history. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Stern you are completely off track. Have you not read what wisdom filled commentators have said. The changes that the current government has made will test the real independence of this great nation. PMJM PNG is with you.
      Let the losers cry over spill milk in the likes of BN, PO, SB and their team.

    • Stern – you’re releasing your frustration on the wrong government. Everything you’ve mentioned is not the doing of this government – these are legacy issues which it has inherited from past governments. And you should be reminded that the government cant transform and redeem a country from all the list of problems you mentioned within 18 months – only non-rationally thinking people will. From what you’re posting about Porgera – I don’t think you clearly understand the requirements stipulated in the Environment Permit issued to the mine to operate under so please reconsider your evaluation of this government and what its trying to do given the timeframe it is in power so far.

    • Stern, save up. If you have no money to pay for your bills and everything else, that’s your problem.
      You can’t blame anyone else for your personal financial problems.
      You have a problem because you can’t manage your own life and family.

      • Mr. Stern, whoever you are, you take a ride to Okuk Highway and come to Whagi River and along the road you jump into the wide Whagi River. It is your problem, why publicising in the media.

  • God choosen leader please can we get something in to our brain. It’s only a year for Marape lead government . We do have only 18 months for 2022 general election so please humble yourself in the eyes of your people and let him finishes this short period.
    Finally remember that everyone will have turn to play…now it’s Marapes turn.
    My appeal to leader who have crossed the floor of parliament remember that we can not do sufficiently overnight.

  • Let PMJM continue. He is chosen PM from God. Why MP move to Opposition? Remember that money is root of ALL Evil.

  • For the best interest of these nation-Prime Minister has to resign.Why is he hanging on like his mothers birth right
    come on Shame on you..JM you’ll dream of the damage done in 18 months Believe you’ll never return back to the paddock..

    • Bro Mark, while it is your rights to express yourself (which I respect), I suggest you go back, have some back ground reading about the current happenings in the last 18 month implemented by this government and compare that with the previous governments before coming to this forum. I think your argument here is too shallow.

  • Stern,prior to your statement above everything that you mention all being in chaos before James Marape took the Prime Minister’s post and you can not blame him alone,criminal activities,corruptions,nepotism that all you name it was practiced by our forefathers and people before us and passed on till now that this current government is trying to fix it..how can you expect miracles to happen overnight and resolve everything back to normalcy,James Marape is in this public office for only 18 months and he done many great changes in our natural resource sectors by started to reclaim and own certain percentages in all established and newly mines yet to extract..lets give him one full term in the Prime Minister’s post and make a good judgement there??????

    • Mark,
      You can even use a loud speaker to say what you say. PMJM will not in. Give him another 5 years term and you’ll be proven all wrong.

      Those ministers in Vanimo camp have been decommissioned as we speak.

  • Let me leave this simple message for for the opposition.
    No matter how smart you play your dirty politics, you are just an ordinary human being that can not change this county just over night. Only God performs miracles and you can not do thing. You are all deceived by your own foolishness ‘in front of the 9 million plus population.
    Simply give up and give in. Work together until 2022 and you challenge James Marape.
    Please come to your sense now and do the right thing.

  • Let me leave this simple message for for the opposition.
    No matter how smart you play your dirty politics, you are just an ordinary human being that can not change this county just over night. Only God performs miracles and you can not do anything. You are all deceived by your own foolishness ‘in front of the 9 million plus population.
    Simply give up and give in. Work together until 2022 and you challenge James Marape.
    Please come to your sense now and do the right thing.

  • All your opposition leaders, non of you really puts the people of this nations in your heart, I tell you, if you did, there will not be any strive among you and the government,18 months is not enough and it’s not 18 years, we have come through tough time this year facing COVID19. The only law that cannot be transgressed is the perfect 10 decalogue of God, any law that is created by man can be change because people change due to circumstances and time. Please consider the statement of Gerry Juffa, it take time to built what is burnt or broken down.

  • All your comments may be right or wrong. But there is one thing that Stern mentioned which must be taken into consideration seriously.
    And that is written in God’s Universal Law, the 1st of the 10 Commandments. Never call His Name in vain.
    This applies to both sides of the parliament house.

  • The opposition is playing tricky games behind the scenes. They are all liars.

    The government will remain as it is because we need transparent & honest leaders like Mr Marape & passing of the ICAC bill was a mile stone in the history of PNG.

    Mr. Steven Davis is not an honest person because he wants to remain corrupt after saying that the passing of the ICAC bill; was not legitimate, this clearly states that he supports corruption.

    That’s why Esa’ala District in Milne Bay Province is like a ghost town without any improvement while people of Esa’ala a left to conduct work on their own. Mr. Steven, you should be talking about improving Esa’ala, rather than accusing Mr. Marape & mocking the current PM.

    What are you doing, Mr. David Steven?


  • As a Citizen of this country, am just tired of this recurring nonsense..its is all just show case ,show-off , drama and stupidity at its best.It is misleading to the all Papua New Guineans and I am one loosing hope to see a better future of this beautiful country. These leaders needs to rethink and do what’s best to get the country out of shit holes we are in. Stop those foul cries and battle fairly on the floor of Parliament. Stop that VONC thing and allow consistency strive. No Pain no gain..nothing comes overnight on a golden plate. We need to see proper closure of each parliament term. Let Marape continue and complete the term. Enough of dividing the country’s support. It is all sickening.

  • Some narrow-minded people are deluded to think the current PM is the anointed leader.
    He is a stupid version of clever PO.
    He is a wolf in sheep’s skin.
    He is loosing because he has been using The Almighty’s name in vain far too often.

  • PMJM was part of the previous government(s) he and the Treasury Minister as well so before they go on blaming the previous Governments for the bad state of the country’s economy, they should also shoulder the blame themselves for not speaking up for what is right while being in those previous governments.

    • If you have followed the news closely, you would have known the full story. The fact is, most politicians in the previous government (PO Government) including current PMJM and Ian did raised their concern, unfortunately, their concerns were brushed aside. The current government was formed to demonstrate these MPs disagreement on the bad decisions made by the PO Government.

  • Nobody on earth is perfect. Some are corrupt, some have attitude problems, some, you might think are righteous but, we don’t know their motives.
    As concerned citizens please use your reasoning to analyse our MPs based on the newspaper articles of last week and this week and see for yourselves.
    By the way… how much is the county’s current debt??

  • One thing I see in the country is investors not coming to PNG. Something we all have to understand is government is depending on tax revenue, but investors are leaving, that means our revenue is declining. So in next 1 or 2 years are we continuing to borrow to fund the budget? PNG was not hit by COVID 19, we should have taken that advantage and remove unnecessary restrictions this will lead to increase employment, increase tax and economic grow faster compared to other economies. We let that opportunity slip off.

  • For those who think I am off track, I must tell you that I am not since I have been following the turn of political events closely. No one will tell me that my opinion is wrong. In my view, the PNC led-government seemed to be doing very well until Marape took over. Since then, we have been facing the consequences of Marape’s decision. We are a third world country and we will always be like that for the next 30 years or so because of corruption and political instability. The O’neill govt was destabilized by Marape. Why? He should have let O’neill reign to complete his term if this is what his supporters are calling for stability and then try to become PM in 2022. Marape’s policies are not working. It is quite evident. Look at the major coalition parties of the current govt. They have all split. This is a huge sign of division among the govt rank. We, the supporters of the opposition are praying so hard that the change must occur. We have had enough of a PM who satisfy his followers with rhetorics, sweet talks, and empty promise on facebook. And even worse, using Christianity as political tool to prolong his term in Parliament. The issues of this country far more than religion and rhetoric. Words cannot change lives. It is the action that goes with it. The past govt did a lot more than the current. What more do we want? I guess all the supporters of Marape want the ideology of cargo cult. Yes!! That is what you want. Hang on! This is not what we want. We want development for all and not only for a certain landowner group. We want fair and equal distribution of wealth. We need a change ASAP. Na tu, osm O’neill tok pinis, yupla highlands kamap PM inap nau. Larim mipla ol nambis traim pastaim na yumi lukim. PM O’neill is a true leader.

  • God will allow James Marape to run this country. He will survive the Supreme Court Case, No vote of Confidence will happen. The Speaker is correct in recalling Parliament. James Marape will continue as Prime Minister till election and return as Prime Minister. Opposition knows that and are afraid. Current Prime Minister will be supported by 56 MPS till to election.

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