Opposition vital for effective government

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 24, 2011

 AN active opposition is vital for a good government.

It is because of Belden Namah and the opposition that the NA-led government is at least minimising corrupt practices. 

Power is dangerous when you abuse it and that can be seen in the current government.

It is for the better to have an active opposition to monitor and point out the wrongs of the government of the day. 

If there were no opposition to any government, it will be really disastrous as there will be a lot of scandals, mismanagement, double dipping, you name it, in broad daylight before our eyes. 

Yes, empty drums make a lot of noises but will stay quiet when someone is cheating and bullying your small brother right in front of your eyes? Of course, not. 

Yes, we can talk about economic stability but we must analyse the government’s output according to the good and the bad sides and try to minimise the bad side which is exactly what Namah’s team are doing.

Yes, the government and its coalition have some highly educated people but when you have the power to instruct and enforce you will barely want to receive or perform upon advice or instructions from someone under your status as you will feel incompetent. 

And also we must understand that there is always the human factor for error although you can be a guru in your specialised field.

Hence we honour you,  Namah, Sir Mekere Morauta, Sir Puka Temu, Bart Philemon, Sam Basil, Thompson Harokaqveh and the mighty opposition team. 

I am sure the silent majority of PNG is behind you in our prayers. 

Stand firm in your fight against corruption.



Buse Kase