Optimism claim rubbished


I disagree with your front page article “Optimism as global economy improves, says O’Neill” on Tuesday (Nov 28).
The unemployment rate is still high, crime is at its worse in Port Moresby and parts of the highlands region, witchcraft is making headlines, housing is still a problem to many with very high rent, hospitals are lacking drugs with my very own rural health centre in East Sepik advising people to visit the nearest town to buy medicine.
As far as the strong economic growth is concerned, the level of new business activities has dropped, the currency has weakened, SME activities has decreased with many struggling to pay their rents and utility bills despite the improved total output, income and spending of the government.
A healthy economic growth is measured by how many people or businesses has benefited and not by how much the government spends or has budgeted for.

Wanbel Niape