‘Orchid spectacular’ awaiting officials

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Delegates for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation senior officials meeting two will be treated to an “Orchid Spectacular” at Parliament House on Friday.
President of the PNG Orchid Society and Apec Minister Justin Tkatchenko told the media that this was an opportunity to showcase PNG’s natural wonders, flora and fauna.
“I have attended many Apec meetings and I looked around at what they were doing and there was nothing really unique to their country. So we wanted to promote an orchid that’s unique to our country,” he said.
“We have the bird of paradise, the world’s largest butterfly, the tree kangaroo and many such natural beauty that we need to show to the world leaders.
“The Orchid Spectacular is part of promoting PNG and also to show off to the senior officials here for the SOM 2 meeting.
“We are also promoting this wonderful contribution for the people who have put the Orchid Society on the map for many years.
“We have made sure to purposely put the Orchid Show at the national parliament at the same time as the SOM2.
“We talking about a couple of thousand international guests over the next four weeks here in the capital city, Port Moresby, having meetings, policy legislation leading up to SOM3 and then the big one in November where we have all the world leaders coming for the leaders’ summit and also the CEOs’ summit as well.
“We want to promote all these events, functions and to show off our culture, traditions, natural wonders and flora and fauna to the rest of the world so they can take it out and promote it to their countries and economies as well.”
Meanwhile, the PNG Orchid Society has created a special orchid “Dendrobium Apec PNG 2018”.
Tkatchenko said it was a hybrid of three species from all over the country.

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