ORD deputy director is wrong

Letters, Normal

IN my letter to the editor (The National, Nov 9), I pointed out some of the contributing factors that contribute to DSIP’s poor success rate. 
The deputy director Kelly Lovuru responded (The National, Nov 17) but he did not touch any of the issues I raised in this paper.
For public clarity, I raised the following issues: regional managers and senior officers in charge of sections and divisions within ORD are incompetent. They lack experience and qualifications to be part of the organisation in managing DSIP and other grants; and secondly, there is lack of professionalism and poor performance. I mentioned the deputy director as one of the non-performing culprits.
None of these issues were touched by deputy director and he blamed the district administration. 
He highlighted that ORD was only a monitoring agent and did not involve in implementation part of the DSIP programme. 
He took refuge through Policy Decision No 55/2008 of NEC.
Let me shed some light here that district administration in each electorate is an important part and they are the top clients of ORD. 
They are not isolated but work in partnership with ORD. 
Every activity that takes place in the district is reflective of ORD and they are part of an integrated network from the provincial administration down to district administration.
How can the deputy director distance the ORD and claim that they are only responsible for monitoring and compliance aspect of the DSIP programme?
Who is responsible for policy formulation, disbursement of grants inclusive of DSIP, implementation and contracting? 
I am sure ORD is involved in all of these stages and processes.
It is mandated by the Government to take a lead-role in implementing the rural development policy.
It is a key player and provincial and district staff depend on ORD for direction.
Mr Lovuru, you cannot fold your hands and shift the blame. You are in a position to make a difference. 
Get out from your normal lines of duty and be innovative and creative.
In fact, there are lot of issues contributing to poor success rate at the national, provincial and district levels but how can you address them?
What are your strategies and corrective measures? 
Where is your road-map?
I believe the K1.3 billion funding to each of the 89 districts is a massive allocation any one government has done in the past. 
This is a heavy load on ORD’s shoulder and as deputy director, Mr Lovuru, should question his responsibilities.
Reading his response, I picture him as a stubborn staff who is myopic and cannot see the changes that are taking place in PNG.
He is incompetent and should be replaced immediately. 
The Highlands regional manager 1 and 2 are just as incompetent and show go too.
We need ORD to be a vibrant organisation with competent and qualified staff working for the best interest of all the stakeholders.


Street consultant
Port Moresby