ORD has to follow protocols and procedures

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “ORD deputy director is wrong” (The National, Dec 10) by “Street consultant”.
I believe the writer has an axe to grind.
ORD is a State institution and there are protocols to follow in the running of this organisation with regards to the administration and management of electoral funds.
This may not appeal to the writer, but that is the way business is conducted and run.
The National Executive Council decision No. 55/2008, which I stated in my response, is the policy of the Government on the way district services improvement programme (DSIP) is to be implemented. 
Although ORD is mandated to implement the rural development programme relating to that policy, the rules of the game are clearly defined.
For the writer and readers’ information, the stakeholders involved in the DSIP all know their roles as they have been made aware of their responsibilities. 
While district and provincial administration staff depend on ORD to direct them, that is more of support for which ORD is continually maintaining a horizontal working relationship with the district administration officials. 
ORD goes to their rescue when it is called upon, and this is working very well so far.
Despite what the writer might like to think, the bottom-line is, they call the tune and so the buck stops with them.
The outcome of the DSIP review conducted by ORD last September and October on the compliance aspect of DSIP processes is now completed and the report is ready to be submitted to the portfolio minister for further direction. 
The report identifies issues, recommends corrective actions and suggests options to move forward.
However, the outcome of the report will be circulated to affected government agencies once the Government has decided on the content of the report.
Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to be pushy.
Being innovative is what rural development is about and that is what ORD is in business for. 
This is why ORD is small and lean in structure so as to deliver to the people.
ORD has a corporate and strategic plan for 2008-12, which was launched at the State Function Room in Parliament in late 2007. 
With the Vision 2050 in place, ORD will be reviewing its plan and strategies to realign its function with one of the seven pillars of the vision in the new fiscal year 2010.
As to the criticism on the calibre of our staff, the writer was malicious, defamatory and bordering on character assassination. 
One of the staff criticised by the writer turned out to be the best performing ORD staff of 2009 during a Christmas function last Friday.
For all ORD positions, the public service criterion under the General Orders was used for engagement. 
A minimum of a basic university degree and more than 10 years of work experience applies to all management positions. 
ORD will soon be advertising its vacant positions again. -Kelly Lovuru Deputy director ORD