ORD must take blame for poor success rate

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report “DSIP funds success rate below 50%” (Nov 2).
The deputy director of the Office of Rural Development took a bold step by revealing this.
ORD is responsible for driving the Government’s rural development policy and the success rate depends on the organisation’s overall performances.
I work for a Cabinet minister.
Each time I front up at ORD office to see officers from Highlands region, I am unable to get constructive feedbacks.
It leaves me no option but to question its competency level. 
The regional manager’s position requires an experienced and well qualified person with at least a master’s degree.
They are the frontline managers responsible for providing professional advice and work to achieve desired results for Members of Parliament in their respective districts.
It seems that all of these positions are occupied by junior officers with minimum education and without experience. 
I believe this is a mockery of a key organisation directly responsible for development aspects of all electorates in this country.
I think the director of ORD should seriously look into human capital and organisational structure. 
He should reshape the organisation so as to achieve the overall objectives of ORD. 
He should clearly outline its vision and mission, and formulate strategies to accomplish them.
What is lacking now is strategically positioning qualified people in the right positions. 
The deputy director has seen fit to shift the blame by saying “MPs are running at 100kph while everything else is running behind at 10kph”. 
This scenario is below 10% and not 50%.
Is he blaming the MPs and their district staff for the poor rate? 
This is a cheap shot and stakeholders are not impressed. 
He should assess the situation carefully and his performance.
People like him are a liability.
He has done nothing for ORD in his capacity as deputy director and pretends to be think-tank.
I call on the director to set the direction and stick to the vision so that strategies are achieved.
Otherwise, the organisation’s poor performances will reflect his lack of leadership in managing ORD.


Street consultant
Port Moresby