Organisation donates new TB machine

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The National, Friday October 18th, 2013

 A NEW machine will speed up tests conducted by the pathology section of the Mt Hagen Hospital to determine whether a person has tuberculosis.

The machine was donated by the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a non-government organisation.

CHAI is involved in the delivery of health services in Western Highlands in partnership with the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

The machine, called a Gene Xpert can carry out diagnostic tests for TB faster and more accurately than before.

 It is capable of doing serological tests within minutes and delivering the results to doctors who will decide what type of treatment to give to TB patients.

CHAI manager in Western Highlands, Dr Dale Frank, said his organisation had a good working relationship with the provincial health authority and they were happy to donate such a machine.

Director curative health services, Dr John Kiap said CHAI was an important partner in health service delivery in Western Highlands and the donation strengthened its committment to health in the province.

He said the pathology section did not have the necessary manpower and resource backup to do TB tests quickly and the machine would greatly help to speed up these tests.