Organisation needs money to train youths

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 17th, 2013


A COMMUNITY-based organisation in Baiyer, Western Highlands, needs funds to run training on small and medium enterprises (SME) for its youths.

Established in 2008, the Mapoa Peace and Prosperity Association has been organising training for youths involved in tribal fights and other law and order problems in the Baiyer district.

The association’s main focus is to put an end to tribal fights in the province and train youths to get involved in small businesses and help themselves in their day-to-day activities.

Association president Paul Yambi said since the establishment of the organisation, tribal fights and law and order problems in the district had decreased.

“The youths are now involved in agricultural farming like rice cultivation, beautification of the district and have turned their backs on drugs and criminal activities,” Yambi said.

He said the youths were working closely with the Mt Hagen community policing and the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea in doing awareness and other training.

The association now has more than 200 active members and covers nine council wards from Kimbuin, Ramui, Maip-Kambua, Kunyaga, Kep, Lepo-Kandasu and Supani.

He is calling on the local MP and Western Highlands governor to help them.

Yambi is also calling on other business houses, leaders and other donor partners to help fund the SME training which will be held at the Baiyer district from Nov 25-Dec 6.

The training will be conducted by the Small Business Development Corporation in partnership with the Mapoa Peace and Prosperity Association.

Yambi can be contacted on 7238 7105.