Organisations help change girl’s life

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

THE father of a four-year-old girl bedridden since birth is thankful to Digicel Foundation and Cheshire Home for changing her life.
Leo La’a told The National last Friday that his daughter Jade was now able to run and talk, thanks to a partnership programme of the two organisations.
La’a said Jade was identified by staff of Cheshire Disability Services through their community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programme supported by Digicel Foundation that targeted people with special needs.
Before the assistance was given to Jade through CBR, starting in 2014, she had appeared very weak and slept a lot.
“She could not move her arms, legs and even talk,” La’a said.
“She was sleeping since birth until 2014, when we were introduced to Cheshire through CBR programme and from then on, we have been visiting the therapist every Thursday which has educated us to help her.”
La’a said Jade was a brave, smart and cooperative little girl and had improved dramatically over those two years.
“She was two when his younger brother (Leo Junior) was born and when his brother started crawling Jade tried to be like him,” La’a said.
When he started to stand and walk, Jade was also motivated to do the same.
He said Jade even knew that every Thursday she would visit Cheshire for therapist exercise.
“Sunday she sees people going to church and she knows its Sunday and following day, she observes his elder brother going to School,” he said. “Come Thursday, she knows, it’s her time to go to school.
“She gets upset when we don’t take her to Cheshire home for therapist exercise.” La’a said if it wasn’t for these organisation Jade would not have been running around and talking.  “I would like to thank Digicel Foundation and Cheshire for what they have done to me and my family.”