Origin fight condemned

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The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013

 MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru has condemned a fight at a settlement in Lae after the State of Origin match last Wednesday.

Speaking on Naru’s behalf, executive officer Paul Maima said violence was the work of “uncivilised people” who were not supposed to be in the city.

“People must not take the game personally and idolise it. They must learn to appreciate each other. The governor is concerned about the increase in violence in Lae city.”

Maima said Naru wanted parties involved in the conflict to refrain from further violence and allow the law to take its course.

“Our stand is that Morobeans should respect outsiders and outsiders should respect Morobeans,” he said.

Maima said many Western Highlanders owned businesses in Lae and worked in the city. And if they were targeted, it would affect business activities, especially public transport.

He said a shortage in police manpower was one of the main reasons violence had escalated in Morobe.

“The governor has allocated K2 million to police this year to address crime, ethnic violence and other law and order issues,” he said. “We assure business houses that the problem will be addressed quickly.”

Boundary Road community leader John Seko called on the government to stop EMTV from airing the State of Origin games as it created violence among supporters.