Oro govt works on tight budget

The National, Friday July 22nd, 2016

THE Oro provincial administration is continuing to maintain its functions despite facing serious financial constraints, administrator Sam Vegogo says.
Vegogo told The National that they received only one round of funding in February and continued to maintain operations using the money.
Without providing details of the funding, he said the biggest slice was allocated to health and education, with very little was left for other basic services.
“We received one warrant in February and we have not got any other funding from the Government,” Vegogo said.
“We are maintaining the services, ensuring that we spend within the budget.”
Vegogo said the provincial administration’s human resource unit updated data and registered all public servants to meet requirements of the Department of Personnel Management.
He said the Oro administration was connected to the Alesco payroll system of the Government.
Vegogo commended the provincial disaster centre for completing the Northern annual disaster report for 2015.
“Our province is the only one that has submitted a disaster report showing how we managed the funds,” Vegogo said.