Oro leaders must bring growth

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “Oro needs to grow” (Feb 22) by Spencer Taru.
I agree with the writer.
After gaining Independence 35 years ago, the people of Oro are still lacking in basic services and there is hardly any development.
The only development I see is logging companies polluting our shores and expansion of oil palm plantations which degrade our rich soil.
As a young patriot of Oro, I am sad when I see other provinces booming in terms of infrastructure and development plans.
This only shows our governor and his provincial administrators are sleeping and do not have any vision and development plans for the province.
Our leaders are so caught up in their petty politics that they forgot about the people.
If our leaders cannot do the job, then they should step aside because we have many young, vibrant and bright graduates.
I believe the least our leaders could do is equip our human resource, build more classrooms and libraries, and provide better teaching facilities for our children.
The province should have more vocational and technical centres to equip young men and women.
I call on the Oro provincial government to provide the above in its last two years in office.

Robertson Asari
Via email